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Appeal Information/FAQ and Format
« on: August 07, 2012, 08:27:32 am »
When creating an appeal, you must use the appeal format. All appeals without the correct format will be ignored and locked without taking further action. By using the correct format, it provides the members of the staff organization which helps us read and understand appeals clearly.


Q: Must I use the correct format when creating an appeal?
A: Yes. Appeals must be made with the correct format, otherwise the appeal will be locked and ignored without taking further action due to organization purposes. Provide information as to why the previous actions have been placed onto your account. Don't solely say you need an action to be reversed.

Q: When I use the correct format and when my appeal has been read, what actions will be taken?
A: The member of the staff that views your appeal will decide whether or not to accept or reject your appeal. If your appeal is accepted, the action that was placed on your account will be reversed. If your appeal is rejected, the member of the staff will explain as to why your appeal has been rejected and the thread will be locked.

Q: What happens if my appeal is accepted and I'm not online?
A: Send a forum private message to any staff member with the link to your appeal and they will happily help you with your accepted appeal.

Q: If my appeal is rejected, can I make another appeal?
A: There's nothing wrong with making another appeal. If your appeals consistently get rejected, to avoid negative actions, stop posting them.

Q: Where is the appeal format located?
A: It is located below

In-Game Name: (Common Sense)

Date & Time Of The Punishement: (Power used on you and the time you were punished)

Who Punished You?: (Common Sense)

Why Were You Punished?: (Common Sense)

Why Should Your Punished Be lifted?: (We won't accept non sense reasons, it must be meaningful reasons)
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